Center for Local Public Health Services

The Center for Local Public Health Services works with policy makers, agencies, and the public to support and strengthen Missouri's public health system. A strong local public health network is needed to promote health and protect the public from health risks. The center strives to enhance the quality and availability of essential public health services throughout the state. We provide funding, technical assistance and consultation to each local public health agency. We promote development of professional standards and learning opportunities for the local public health workforce. We also work with policy makers and the public to improve understanding of the value of a strong public health system.

CHIP H.S.I Training for All LPHAs

Children’s Health Insurance Program, Health Services Initiatives (CHIP H.S.I.) – Modified Total Direct Costs Webinar (July 18 and August 2) Information

Statewide Public Health Meeting Materials

SBAR Written Template Project, Program Proposal

MoHealthNet, Managed Care & LPHAs Discussion Webinar Presentations

DCPH/LPHA Monthly Activity Report

Participation Agreement (CORE)/Maternal Child Health/Child Care Health Consultation Information

2016 Capacity Survey Materials for Facilitated Local Discussion

Overview/Instructions for DHSS/DAC LPHA Survey Results Discussion Sessions
Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention Capacity Survey Results Summary
Communicable Disease Control Capacity Survey Results Summary
Environmental Health Capacity Survey Results Summary
Maternal Child Health Capacity Survey Results Summary
Crosscutting Services Capacity Survey Results Summary
Background resource: Full Survey by Population
Background resource: Full Survey by Region
Facilitator Agenda for Local Discussion
Facilitator Tips
Basic Agreements (Ground Rules)
Participant Agenda
Participant Feedback Worksheet

Emergency Information

LPHA WebEOC Information

Proofpoint Encryption

Public Health Messaging Campaign

Quality Improvement/Performance Management


Public Health Nursing Resources

Missouri Council for Public Health Nursing

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To locate or learn more about a local public health agency in Missouri, see the Directory of Local Public Health Agencies.