The Bureau of General Services provides support services for building and janitorial oversight; mail; production request; reception; telecommunications; vehicle fleet; and warehouse to enhance the mission of the Department. Please contact 573-751-6040 if you have questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance.

The Bureau of General Services (BGS) is committed to providing optimum support services to assist in achieving department goals and objectives.

Complete a Work Order - DH-61 and submit to
Work Order Instructions

  • Conference Room set-up (identify room name, date and the preferred set-up configuration).
  • Shared conference rooms in the Wildwood Complex are available for use by all divisions and centers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Conference rooms shall be left clean with all trash placed in receptacles and furniture neatly arranged. Conference room furniture shall not be moved between conference rooms.
  • Nameplate (create or move)
  • Hang bulletin boards, white boards, pictures, etc.
  • Systems furniture modification (should be approved by supervisor or ADA coordinator to be considered)
  • Moves (indicate if within the Wildwood/Knipp complex) OR Outstate areas
  • Report burnt out lights (reference cube or office number)

Report Janitorial and Building issues to or if immediate assistance is needed contact:

General Services Building Policy (Administrative Policy 21.5)

ID Badge/Building Access

A temporary badge will provide temporary building access to the Wildwood/Knipp complexes for new team members until a permanent badge is issued. The temporary badge can be obtained by visiting the BGS suite at 920 Wildwood. New hires will be asked to sign out the temporary badge by logging name, phone number and supervisor’s contact information. The temporary badge must be returned to BGS at the time the permanent badge is issued. BGS will contact the team member directly when the permanent badge is ready for pick up. A DHSS retractable badge clip will be provided upon request.

Submit ID Badge/Building Access Application and a JPEG picture to to obtain a DHSS permanent badge. If you do not have the ability to submit a picture with your application e-mail, please contact BGS at 573-751-6040 for assistance.

Identification Badge Replacement Request

Please report if an ID badge has been lost to the BGS at 573-751-6040 immediately so building(s) access is terminated. The Identification Badge Replacement Request form should be completed to include the supervisor’s signature. The team member may mail or deliver in person the completed Identification Badge Replacement form, along with a $4 payment to the Fee Receipts Unit located at 920 Wildwood Drive, Jefferson City, MO. Payment may be via check, or exact cash if taken directly to Fee Receipts. The fee may be waived if the badge is not working due to normal wear or in case of a name change. If a name change is needed, please provide a copy of the marriage license or divorce decree. When a replacement fee is not required the form may be emailed to or mailed to the Bureau of General Services, 920 Wildwood, Jefferson City, MO.


John Reynolds

Complete a Work Order - DH-61 and send to

United Communication (UC) Cisco Desk Phone

Complete Work Order AND attach completed excel UC New/Change User Worksheet for each team member to program new phone or change team member information.

Include name; phone number (if published and retained); start or effective date requested; model of phone & MAC# (if device is on-site); and GL number.

Change existing Cisco phone line to Vacant – include team member name, phone number and effective date to disconnect.


Submit Work Order AND Wireless Service Requests form.

Identify preferred provider for the specific user’s area and requested cell phone plan. Approval through the division fiscal liaison is necessary for iPhone requests.

Contact BGS for current pricing of iPhone devices, as the fee changes often and without notice to align with provider agreements, availability, and promotions.

Softphone Requests / Programming

Soft phone feature is intended for full time telecommuters. An ITSD issued laptop is required. Each division determines suitable headset for user, as BGS does not provide. (License capacity may dictate availability).

The work order submitted should include name; phone number; user ID; effective date requested; MAC# (if user has existing device); and GL number.


Request for Jabber should be completed on a Work Order - DH-61 and sent to

*The user name for Jabber is specific to your individually assigned user ID - ie: The password remains the same as your PC password.

Inside Wiring Contract

New phone line installations and moves outside of the UC system require a minimum five day lead time. A Work Order should be submitted outlining the address, phone number(s), jack number(s), and a floor plan referencing the placement of jack(s). Advanced scheduling is recommended as timeframes rely on the area’s outside vendor.


Ronda Marks


A request for literature/forms should be submitted on the applicable form (DA-47 or DA-48) and emailed to

A reorder point is designated for all items that are held and distributed by the warehouse. A report is generated and sent to programs when reorder points are reached. Programs are responsible for reordering the item(s) if required. If an item is to be discontinued, programs must notify the warehouse.

When a program revises a form or literature that is distributed from the warehouse, the warehouse must be notified that a revision has been made. This includes forms with new numbers that replace obsolete or re-titled forms.


Office supplies available at the warehouse must be requested on a Purchasing Request form (DH-10) and emailed to

Inventory Report

The warehouse manager generates monthly inventory reports to support program needs. For inquiries, please send an email to or call 573-526-3861 for additional details or to clarify product quantities.


Items that the DHSS Section/Bureau/Program need to have stored at the DHSS Warehouse must be submitted on a Work Order form (DH-61). The Work Order must provide the name of the item(s), the quantity of each item, program name, contact name and phone number. When the item(s) are received at the warehouse, staff will check quantities; assign storage number(s) to the item(s); and record the storage location. The warehouse manager will enter information in the warehouse database and notify the program’s contact what storage number has been assigned to the item. Fixed assets should be held in the warehouse for a maximum of one year.

When making large purchases for items to be stored at the warehouse, DHSS programs need to coordinate with the warehouse manager in advance.


The warehouse manager schedules routine routes to districts across the State of Missouri per region. Email notifications indicating dates and regions are sent to managers in advance. It is helpful for the forms to be submitted as items need surplus to determine the route and frequency needed.

Surplus – Computer Equipment (detailed ITSD instructions on the 2nd page of the DH-60) (ie: computer equipment, monitor, MFD, printers, etc)

Surplus – Office Equipment (ie: desks, chairs, furniture, non-tagged items, etc)


Please provide as much notice as possible for up-coming move request. Specific dates can be coordinated with the warehouse manager at 573-751-6048 after the Move Request (DA-90) form has been submitted.

Reminder: Submit a Work Order (DH-61) form to receive moving boxes in advance of the planned move. As a general rule of thumb, order 10 boxes per person, plus 10 boxes per each vertical file cabinet, and 15 boxes per each lateral file cabinet. Box tape will need to be ordered directly from your office supplies vendor. Larger moves may require assigning each staff person a number and marking the boxes per individual. The boxes can be reused after the move, therefore, please save for a later pick-up.


Terry Stratman


DHSS Form Management

The primary purpose of Forms Management oversight is to review the integrity of any and all paper documents, flyers, brochures, manuals, surveys, etc. to be produced with the Department name/logo and State of Missouri seal appearing on it.

Production/Estimate Request Form (PRF)

The Office of Administration (OA) State Printing Center (SPC) provides printing services for business cards, literature, pamphlets, graphic design, fillable pdf templates, reprints, and assistance with various other business production needs. You may contact SPC if a cost estimate is needed or to obtain a sample proof before production. All print jobs should be sent through the proper divisional approvals for funding, department legal authorization (if necessary) and final review of production request prior to submitting to for final DHSS liaison processing. Contact the DHSS Forms Management Liaison at 573-751-6035 if questions arise.

State Printing Center (SPC) Customer Codes for DHSS

State Printing Center Customer Codes are assigned to Production Request Forms (PRF). SPC use these codes to process and bill our department for processed/completed jobs. The listing includes breakouts for the Director’s Office, Division of Administration (DA), Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSDS), Division of Regulation and Licensure (DRL) and Division of Community and Public Health (DCPH). Contact the DHSS Forms Management Liaison at 573-751-6035 if assistance is needed.


Yvette Randall

Procedures on state vehicle usage and helpful reference resources are provided to support team members conducting official state business. If questions arise, please contact Bureau of General Services, Fleet Unit at 573-751-6040.

Trip Optimizer

The on-line resource assist to determine the most efficient and economic option of travel. Step-by-step tutorials and videos provide easy to follow instructions.

OA Jefferson City Carpool

DHSS team members are required to reserve an OA carpool state vehicle through CARS. User must be established as a driver in CARS prior to submitting a reservation request.

Accidents Liability/Auto Claims

Team member safety is the number one priority! Please do what is necessary to take care of your own well-being first. If not injured, please obtain the following pertinent information.

  • Obtain the name, address, and phone number of the other drivers or any other persons involved. Obtain insurance information from the other driver(s). State vehicles should have a liability card in the vehicle certifying liability coverage.
  • Record facts about the vehicle property damage and any damage to other property.
  • Get the names and addresses of all available witnesses to the accident.
  • Call DHSS, General Services 573-526-8525 or OA Risk Management at 573-751-4044. Do not sign any statements except those required by law enforcement officials or OA Risk Management.
  • Report the accident to DHSS and complete in full an Automobile Loss Notice Form.
  • Email the completed form to DHSS, General Services and OA Risk Management within two days.
  • Request a copy of the police report and email to DHSS, General Services and OA Risk Management.


Maintenance of State Vehicles

Preventative maintenance standard services:

  • PM1 (every 5,000 or 7,500 miles)
  • PM2 (every 45,000 miles)
  • PM3 (every 105,000 miles)
  • PM4 (every 130,000 miles)


Trudie Fletcher

Mail Schedule

The DHSS Mail Center hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm at the 920 Wildwood location. Click on the below link for mail distribution times and deadlines within the complex.

Mailing supplies are located in each building's mail area.

Links for certified mailing supplies are available below. Individual programs may order their own supply:

Special Carrier Shipment Request

A DH-17 form is used for requesting "Delivery Confirmation" on a package or mailing that requires a signature for next day delivery with a tracking number. Copies of the form can be found at each building in the designated mail areas. The fillable pdf will need to be printed off on 2 Part NCR paper.

OA Inter-Agency Mail

The Office of Administration (OA) Central Mail Services (CMS) provides mail delivery services for state agencies in Jefferson City. See Mail Schedules for the specific cut-off times at your location. Inter-agency parcels should include Department name, Division/Section name, Street address or building (with floor and room number when applicable) and the Recipient's full name. Click on the guidelines link for Inter-agency mail size restrictions and other pertinent information.

Postage Customer Codes (Yellow Mailing Cards)

Yellow cards with Division/Bureau/Section/Unit specific customer codes are used for mailings over 200 pieces to appropriately identify funding breakouts. Divisional team members preparing the parcels for processing are responsible for placing the designated yellow card with the specific mailing. It is important to set up the SAMII information in advance with your division fiscal liaison if a code has not been established. Please contact the DHSS Mail Center at 573-751-6462 to obtain additional yellow cards if needed.

Postage Voucher and Log

On the rare occasion that mail options are restricted, USPS stamps for official DHSS business may be obtained. Please complete and submit postage voucher, along with previous back-up log distribution information to The request will be processed and a paper check will be mailed to the requesting office. A team member from the local DHSS office will present the check at the local post office window to receive the stamps. is a web based system to meet the mailing needs for out-state DHSS locations that do not have access to the State Mail Center.General Services sets up meter accounts and maintains programming for up to 10 users per location. There is a monthly fee associated to use, however, a negotiated reduced rate on the postage and parcels offset the expense. Please contact Linda Struemph for further information.


Yvette Randall

Casey Schnieders

Ccoming soon

Section 34.032 RSMo requires that each department and agency shall purchase and use recycled content paper products and, to the maximum extent practicable, separate plastics, paper, metals, corrugated cardboard, state issued cell phone and rechargeable batteries and other recyclable items. The Office of Administration presents the Annual Recycling Report each year to the legislature to report state agency accomplishments in these areas.

Collection of Mixed Paper

Individual recycling containers are available upon request for each employee’s desk.  Employees shall empty their individual recycling containers into the centralized recycling bins located in the general work area of that office.  Individual recycling containers may be obtained from General Services.

General Services’ staff will collect paper from the centralized recycling bins at the Wildwood Complex.  Employees in other DHSS facilities shall recycle paper by placing it in the recycling bin located in their building.  The recycling bins will be placed in a designated area for the recycling company to collect once a week.  Employees may contact General Services if they expect to have a large amount of recyclable paper.  A recycling bin will be made available for their use.

Collection and Processing of Recyclable Materials – Outside of Jefferson City

Employees at locations outside of Jefferson City may contact the DHSS Bureau of General Services at 573-751-6040 to assist with available recycling options in their area.

Recycling – Corrugated Cardboard and Paperboard

Corrugated cardboard shall not be put in trash receptacles. The following procedures will ensure that recyclable materials do not end up in the landfill.

Remove all packing material and place it in the trash. Flatten boxes and mark for recycling by writing “RECYCLING” on the box or boxes.

  • 920 and 930 Wildwood - Place flattened boxes next to the paper recycling bin or in the container on the docks.  Cardboard will be collected at the same time as the paper recycling. Contact General Services if there is a lot of cardboard to be collected to expedite its removal.
  • 912 Wildwood - Place the flattened boxes on the first floor in the back stairway.  It will be collected once per week.
  • 101 N. Chestnut - Place flattened cardboard in the designated bin off the dock near the stairwell at the State Public Health Laboratory.
  • 4720 Scruggs State Road - The DHSS Warehouse has a cardboard bailer on-site. Boxes must be flattened before being placed in the baler.
  • 3418 Knipp - warehouse personnel will pick up the flattened boxes during their scheduled pickup and delivery times.  Place flattened boxes on the dock in the Knipp Building.

Recycling – Beverage Containers

Beverage containers that may be recycled include aluminum cans, #1 plastic bottle (soda and water bottles) and #2 plastic (milk jugs, plastic coffee cans). If you are unsure whether a container is recyclable, check for #1 or #2 stamped on the container. Please note that often times a container may be recyclable but the lid for the container may not be. For instance, a plastic coffee can is stamped with #2, but the lid is stamped #4, so the lid is not recyclable. All containers placed in the recycling bins must be empty and should not include non-recyclable lids.

Beverage container recycling bins are located in various areas of 912, 920, and 930 Wildwood, and at the 3418 Knipp facility.


Kyle Wilde