Health logo

What does the new logo represent?

Main features of the new logo include the following:

  • Curved line. The curved line in the middle of the logo has dual representation. DHSS is on a strategic path to improve health outcomes of Missourians through prevention and interventions. The curve is seen as Missouri’s journey toward better health. Additionally, the line is viewed as a stream. Along with partners, DHSS works to move health care upstream in order to improve overall population health. Upstream efforts seek to create community-level impact and improve community conditions by addressing social determinants of health. Midstream efforts seek to create individual-level impact by meeting individuals’ social needs through screenings, referrals and other individually-focused processes. Downstream efforts seek to create patient-level impact by providing clinical care.
  • Medical cross. The medical cross is one of the most internationally known medical symbols. It represents non-biased health for all people. DHSS works to protect the health of Missourians, working alongside the state’s health care providers.
  • Shield. Through many programs and functions, DHSS works to protect Missourians. Whether it’s protecting seniors or those with disabilities from abuse and neglect or by regulating facilities that serve residents, DHSS uses its authority to ensure entities are abiding by regulations that safeguard the wellbeing of Missourians young and old. Additionally, the shield has become the nationally recognized identity of public health departments and is used by many local public health agencies in Missouri today. The 115 local public health agencies serving Missourians throughout the state are one of the most valuable resources and partners to DHSS and its mission.

Four main colors were selected to modernize the look and represent the functional areas within the department that serve Missourians with support from administrative personnel: community and public health, senior and disability services, regulation and licensure and the public health laboratory.

DHSS Shield Logos

By downloading the files below, you agree to adhere to the DHSS Brand Standards and Logo Policy, which include specific details on how to use our logos.

Need a vector file for your project? Please contact OPI so we can provide you the correct logo.

DHSS Horizontal logo RGB
DHSS Horizontal logo Black
DHSS Vertical logo RGB
DHSS logo Vertical Black
# Project Type Color Layout Background Download File
1 Print Full Vertical White JPG
2     Horizontal White JPG
3     Vertical Transparent PNG
4     Horizontal Transparent PNG
5 Print Full w/white text Vertical Transparent PNG
6     Horizontal Transparent PNG
7     Horizontal Transparent PNG
8 Print Black Vertical White JPG
9     Horizontal White JPG
10     Vertical Transparent PNG
11     Horizontal Transparent PNG
12 Print White Vertical Transparent PNG
13     Horizontal Transparent PNG
14 Web Full Vertical White JPG
15     Horizontal White JPG
16     Vertical Transparent PNG
17     Horizontal Transparent PNG
18 Web Full w/white text Vertical Transparent PNG
19     Horizontal Transparent PNG
20 Web Black Vertical White JPG
21     Horizontal White JPG
22     Vertical Transparent PNG
23     Horizontal Transparent PNG
24 Web White Vertical Transparent PNG
25     Horizontal Transparent PNG

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a program logo?

The purpose of this rebrand is to unify DHSS under one brand. We can create logos that include the primary DHSS logo and the name of the program, bureau or division that may need it. To unify our services under one look and feel, all other logos will not be approved for use beyond March 1, 2023, and should be removed from digital and newly created or revised pieces by that date.

We are allowing this 6 month grace period to DHSS teams to ensure a smooth transition. Anyone looking to continue using a logo longer than 6 months will be considered for an exception on a case-by-case basis. This includes federal logos. We will be conservative in our exceptions to ensure as many public services use the new DHSS brand.

Can I use program colors?

When working with the designer, we anticipated the variety of services offered by DHSS and the branding needs that would result. We requested a complete color palette from our designer that includes a swatch from each color currently being used. Moving forward, you are required to use these colors unless there is a distinct need.

To see the list of approved colors and their conversions, please see our DHSS Brand Standards.

How will campaign logos be affected?

Program, bureau and division logos in use prior to Sept. 1, 2022, will be phased out by March 1, 2023. Paid campaign taglines will be allowed. Examples include Reverse Your Risk, MO Quitline and MOStopsCovid. Campaigns taglines are allowable, but we want to use those opportunities to reinforce to Missourians that you are a part of DHSS where possible.

How will I use the new brand?

We have released a toolkit of templates, including email signatures, logos, Word and PowerPoint templates for widespread use. Where possible, we highly encourage you to use these assets.

Can I just use the words, “a program of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services” in place of the new logo on federally-funded material?

No. If any logo appears on an item, it must include the new DHSS logo in equal size and proximity to a federal logo.

Do I have to immediately reprint everything that includes the old logo?

You do not need to rush to reprint existing materials in the warehouse. We will replace logos as projects are revised or created to minimize waste.

Do I need to immediately replace all digital documents with the new logo?

You do not need to rush to replace all digital files online. We will replace logos as projects are revised or created, but OPI doesn’t have the current capacity to replace all digital files only for the logo. If possible within your team, we suggest replacing logos over the next six months.

What if my logo is mandated by federal funding?

Please reach out to OPI with any available documentation you have so we can better understand the requirements and consider an exception.

How long do I have to phase out a program logo?

We will begin replacing program logos starting Sept. 1, 2022, and fully complete that transition after 6 months has passed. The official date is March 1, 2023.

How can I maintain a program identity under the new brand standards?

Our goal to unify programs and services under the new DHSS brand does not prohibit creativity within your design pieces. Graphic elements, like illustrations and photographs that tie in to your program area are encouraged, as are any colors within the new color palette.