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What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence (OpEx) refers to the skills, mindsets, and processes that deliver better performance, better organizational health, and continuous improvement.

What is Show Me Excellence?

Show Me Excellence is the name for the State of Missouri’s community dedicated to Operational Excellence in state government. Team members from all state agencies are welcome to join the community to learn more about exciting OpEx projects happening across the State of Missouri.

Check out the Show Me Excellence website for engaging trainings, key resources, and connections to each agency’s OpEx Leader.

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What is the Management Cycle?

Management Cycle

The Management Cycle or OpEx Cycle is a framework to help you structure an OpEx project. Starting with strategic objectives, measures, targets, and budgets will help you track your performance and make data-driven decisions. Click the Management Cycle image for a closer look.

OpEx at DHSS

DHSS is fortunate to have formal Operational Excellence teams and the Office of Performance Management available to help any program with process improvement and strategic planning projects.

DHSS Lean Six Sigma Team
The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Team is a group of team members from each division with Lean Six Sigma green belt certifications. The LSS Team tackles process improvement projects across the department and is available to any program to lend expertise and help facilitate positive change. Need help with a process mapping project? Wondering how your program can improve and standardize your work? Reach out to the LSS Team any time on our intranet page!

DHSS Strategic Plan and Strategic Placemat
The DHSS Strategic Plan was developed as part of the Public Health Accreditation Board reaccreditation submission materials in 2021.

DHSS and its stakeholders worked exhaustively to research and analyze health data to create the State Health Assessment . This data-driven approach led to the development of seventeen key public health issues facing the State of Missouri. These key public health issues then informed the creation of six Strategic Priority Issues (SPIs).

To address the six SPIs, the DHSS reaccreditation team developed the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), which breaks down each Strategic Priority Issue into goals with their own metrics, activities, and resources, with an emphasis on their alignment with national, state, and local organizations.

The PHAB Strategic Plan reflects these priorities to ensure that program activities, funding applications, and initiatives will all align with one or more of the Strategic Priority Issues outlined in the State Health Improvement Plan.

The DHSS Strategic Placemat reflects the six SPIs from the State Health Improvement Plan and lists specific initiatives under each SPI along with the core responsibilities of DHSS. The newly-redesigned placemat includes long term, transformative initiatives that will deliver impact and make significant progress towards our strategic goals.

Office of Performance Management
The Office of Performance Management includes DHSS’ Operational Excellence Leader, Brenna Davidson, who is available any time to talk through potential continuous improvement projects, help with process mapping and time studies, or just a chat about what OpEx skills and tools can do for you. Email or stop by the OpEx suite in the 920 building (just to the right of the front desk) to connect!

Lean Six Sigma Resources

Operational Excellence Resources

Show Me Excellence Resources

  • Performance Measures, Targets, & Dashboards
    • This course discusses the importance of collecting and analyzing performance measures, developing targets, and creating dashboards.
  • Show Me Excellence Playbook
    • Your one-stop shop for all the tools and resources to improve your processes.
  • The Missouri Way A3
    • Use this visual aid to succinctly illustrate the progress of a project to a team member.
  • Smarter, Not Harder
    • This series is designed for supervisors by supervisors. On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, colleagues will offer quick tips to help make your work life easier and your teams more effective. The tips will be practical and easy to digest. They are to help us “do-learn-do”: try something out, adapt and improve, and then do again. They will often include an article, video, podcast, or a MOLearning course. This series is all about investing just a few minutes to make our work a bit better. You will also find a library of the “Smarter, Not Harder” Series content in MOLearning.
  • The Missouri Way
    • Now available on MOLearning, check out the State of Missouri’s management training series. Invest some time in this series to learn about project management, leading change, and managing mindsets and much more.

Do you have a particular process that you know could be improved? Is there something that takes too long or takes too many steps to get to the desired result? Have you always wanted to make a change but never found the time or resources?

The DHSS OpEx Community is here to help you bring your ideas to life! Share your ideas below and remember, no idea is too big or too small!


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