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The Sandwich Generation:
Balancing Your Personal Life With the Needs of Your Older Parents or Loved Ones

Wednesday, December 7
Noon - 1 p.m.

Balancing your personal life with the needs of your older parents of loved ones

Most of us reach a point in life when parents or elderly relatives begin to require more attention and time, and sometimes, our financial support as well. Caring for an older person can be complicated and is a personal matter. No two situations are the same and there are no simple solutions. You can, though, benefit from following some practical suggestions. This workshop provides an overview of information to help the participant cope with their personal life while dealing with their elder's needs.

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2022 Holiday Challenge

Maintain, Don’t Gain This Holiday Season
November 14 – December 31

Many Americans gain between 1 and 5 pounds each holiday season. While it might not sound like much, most people never manage to lose those extra pounds. You are invited to join the annual Eat Smart, Move More, Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Challenge. Rather than focusing on trying to lose weight, this FREE seven-week challenge provides you with strategies and resources to help maintain your weight throughout the holiday season.

All Holiday Challenge material will be delivered directly to your inbox when the program begins. We have seen that the more you participate, the more likely you are to maintain or lose weight. You will receive the following:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • Weekly challenges
  • Healthy recipes
  • Daily tips
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Tools & Resources

We are all in this together, let's maintain and not gain this year!
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End of Year Infographic

Check out the FY2022 End of Year Infographic. It highlights all of WWC’s efforts over the past fiscal year. It’s our goal to get more connections every year. Thank you DHSS for your support!

FY2022 End of Year Infographic

What is Worksite Wellness?

what is worksite wellness

Worksite Wellness Email Listing

Do you want to live a healthier life? Join your DHSS colleagues and sign up to get emails directly from the Worksite Wellness Committee! Emails will include everything from healthy-living tips and tricks, relevant resources, Worksite Wellness happenings, and much more. We promise, no more than one email per week! Join our email list.

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Do you have a bright idea for Worksite Wellness? Share it with the Worksite Wellness Committee to help improve wellness among employees!

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The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Worksite Wellness Committee (WWC) is committed to promoting healthy behaviors and environments for DHSS employees.

It is the goal of the WWC to implement a worksite wellness program which will assist employees to:

  • Increase employee awareness & knowledge of healthy behaviors
  • Support employees in adopting & maintaining healthier lifestyles
  • Enhance employee morale

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